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Darlin Murs

Olly Murs – Dear Darlin Single

I was sitting a coffee shop, one that pays it taxes I hasten to add, when over their speaker system they played this retro sounding sweet song, the voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t put a name to it, so I shazamed it and to my initial surprise it came back as Olly Murs – Dear Darlin

I say initial surprise because, Olly Murs seems to release at least one song from his albums that makes me go who was that? From his first album, Olly Murs; Busy; this track was so good that a well-known high street store used the instrumental track for its commercials, on his 2nd Album, In Case You Didn’t Know; who did not succumb to Heart Skips A Beat. Now Murs releases Dear Darlin his third hit from his third album, Right Place Right Time.

Dear Darlin was co-written with the talented Ed Drewett, is a heartfelt letter to a lover, the relationship was sort but at least they tried. Music wise it apps Mowtown, while not exactly pastiche it is a nice slice of retro pop which Murs sings sweetly. With Murs the support act on Robbie Williams‘s Take The Crown tour, if Murs releases more quality pop like this he may well do so.

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VereView Dear Darlin

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