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Cheryl Fights Back!

English: Cheryl Cole wearing a Lurex dress whi...

English: Cheryl Cole wearing a Lurex dress whilst performing with Girls Aloud at Battle Abbey, Hastings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cheryl – My Story (Book)

A lot has been written about the former Mrs Cole; now just Cheryl. Here is her chance to tell her version events. Cheryl covers her early life in Newcastle up until the Girls Aloud reunion in 2012 and everything else in between. Cheryl talks candidly about the relationships with the men in her life, Ashley Cole, Derek Hough, & Simon Cowell.

Cheryl has fitted a lot into her first 10 years in showbiz it hasn’t been an easy ride; where both metaphysical and physical fighting plays a big part. One wonders how did this Geordie pop pariah turn it around to become a Pop Princess & according to Terry Wogan; the nations sweetheart.

The first thing Cheryl wants us to know is that she is a fighter, in her prologue Cheryl talks about her near brush with death after being struck down with Malaria. Thereon in sets the tone of the battles that Cheryl has had to fight;

  • To save a relationship with a former boyfriend who was taking heroin.
  • A toilet attendant albeit in self-defence.
  • To save her marriage to Ashley Cole after a string of allegations hit press about his alleged infidelity.
  • For her acts on the X Factor UK.
  • Simon Cowell.
  • The media & obtaining a press injunction.
  • Now Magazine regarding an alleged relationship with MC Harvey.
  • The generally held public perception that her solo career only took off because of the X Factor.

One can fully understand why Cheryl’s first single was “We Gotta Fight For This Love

I scoured the book for some juicy titbits about Girls Aloud; with 5 girls together for long periods of time surely there must have been Catfights & spotlights; what we learn is that Cheryl formed close bonds with Kimberley and Nichola and that Sarah was initially a bit distant and that Girls Aloud were nearly dropped after their first album as sales had not been as good as expected.

We also learn that in 2004 Girls Aloud hold crisis talks & determine that they need management and in Spring 2005, just before their first tour, the girls chose Hilary Shaw as their manager as Shaw had previously managed a girl group but what about Nadine I hear you say – the only disagreement that Cheryl mentions is that once Nadine was 3 hours late and her and girls completely lost it with Nadine.

The Girls Aloud reunion, after a three-year hiatus, is mentioned briefly in the book & Cheryl returns to it in the epilogue. One cannot help but think there are juicy morsels waiting to be aired!

Cheryl pulls no punches with the controversies that have surrounding her career. She talks candidly about the toilet incident; which went from being an assault to a racially aggravated assault; read her account and draw from it your own conclusions as to whether Cheryl was fitted up. Cheryl talks in amazing candour about her marriage breakdown & her attempts to make her marriage work. The irony upon irony is that whilst her marriage was in crumbles she was due to perform “Fight For This Love” on the Brits in 2010.

Cheryl talks openly about her relationships with Simon Cowell, Derek Hough & all whom have played major roles in both her personal and professional career. The press have always liked to infer that there was something more to these relationships, here Cheryl  puts the record straight .

Cheryl-My Story is an engaging book its warm, candid, funny and heartbreakingly sad in places as well as highlighting the perils of being in the public eye. Cheryl always had the belief that she would be a performer and have a No.1 record, but you never know what price you have to pay to succeed and Cheryl has paid a heavy price, this is what I believe made her the nations sweetheart.

As this chapter closes another one opens, but you know that it won’t be easy but I suspect that there is more fight to come. As Cheryl sings “Anything that’s worth having Is sure enough worth fighting for, quittings out of the question, when its tough gotta fight some more

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