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Foxes Chases Her Youth

Foxes – Youth (Single)

Foxes has been making her way as a featured on other artists hits, but that’s all about to change, as Foxes strikes out on her own, with the might of Debenhams behind her, Foxes unleashes her Youth.

Foxes would seem to imply more than one, however Foxes consists of just one fox; born Louisa Allen – will her fans be known as Little Foxes?

Foxes has lent her vocal talents to diverse acts such as Fall Out Boy (Just One More Yesterday); Zedd (Clarity); Sub Focus (Until The End) and Rudimental (Right Here). In her own right Foxes released her Echo EP in November 2012 and Beauty Queen earlier this year, however, it is with her new single Youth that Foxes is set to strike.

To categorise Youth as just pop does Foxes a disservice, however, Youth is a slice of radio friendly music of undoubtable quality which also lends itself well to be being remixed; mournful lyrics -“Don’t tell me our Youth is running out – Its only just begun” and a trance-lite backing gives way to tribal drums with Foxes vocal holding the whole thing together, musically somewhere between Kate Bush, Florence Welch and Ellie Goulding.

“They didn’t want me when I was running wild” Foxes sings on the opening lines on Youth, however, on the strength of this single everyone will be chasing after Foxes’s Youth.

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VereView Youth


Solo Newman

John Newman -Love Me Again (Single)

You might not know the name, but if you like Dubstep and Rudimental then you will definitely know the voice. With Plan B releasing more films than music; step forward into the limelight Mr John Newman.

Newman’s debut solo single, Love Me Again is a beast of a song, with more hooks than you find on most albums these days, however, it would be simplistic to classify it as just a Soul or even a Pop record, as, Love Me Again, does not fit into anyone single category, this song ticks so many boxes:

Newman packs so much into this song that you have to hear it more than once. A confident start and possibly another No.1 for Mr John Newman.

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VereView Love Me Again

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