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Remind Yourself Of Alf

The MinutesAlison Moyet (Album)

It has been over 6 years since Alison Moyet’s last studio, 2007- “The Turn“, however, Moyet has returned to electronic based music with “The Minutes“; In Guy Sigsworth, who co-wrote and produced all of the tracks, Moyet has found someone who shares her musical vision.

A lot has been made in the press of Alison’s new svelte figure the fact that she has smashed her gold & platinum discs she had received throughout her career. If these actions are the prerequisite for producing a stunning album then I would suggest that other artists should do the same.

On The Minutes you get a full resume of Moyet’s musical career to the playfulness of the opening track “On Horizon Flame” & Filigree, to the big haunting and dramatic ballads” A Place To Stay “& “Remind Yourself.” On “Apple Kisses”you get the strange concoction of a big ballad, down tempo, dubstep lite track, on paper it sounds a mess but Moyet’s voice handles it with great aplomb. “Love Reign Supreme” starts of like an early Depeche Mode track and then it veers into a surprising but welcome direction.

Earlier this year “Changeling” was released as a free download whilst “When I was Your Girl” is the official lead off single, to me it sounds like they have gone with a safe option, personally I would have flipped it around, you should really check out the Guy Sigworth’s stunning remix of the “Changeling“, I reckon that a full-blown EDM should be next on Moyet’s agenda

With a little fine pruning The Minutes would have gone from a good album to an excellent one.It goes without saying that this is Moyets best album in 20 years

The Minutes is a good reason to “Remind Yourself” of how good Alison Moyet is.

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