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(Boxed) Little Boots

Little Boots Live & Boxed in conjunction with @DeezerUK
Red Gallery; London 18th April 2013

Have you heard of a silent disco, well up until tonight it was an alien concept to me. On arrival to the car park at the Red Gallery, after I navigated their Laissez-faire entry system, I was given a set of headphones. The concept is that you listen to the performance on said headphones and boogie until your hearts content. It was strange seeing an artist perform inside a box in a car park , this is what essentially Little Boots does tonight.

After success with their debut album “Hands” Little Boots, primarily Victoria Hesketh, is back with a new album, “Nocturnes” ready for release.

Little Boots served up a palatable mix of Electro, House & Disco. Although I wouldn’t consider this a full album launch, this performance was staged in conjunction with DeezerUK, the set consisted of a mixture of tracks from both “Hands” & “Nocturnes. “

Little Boots opened with “Motorway” which sounds very similar to Saint Etienne, they followed this with their current single, “Broken Record” Then comes Boots’s tour de force “Stuck On Repeat” Judging by the swaying the crowd seems to like this song as much as I do.

The new tracks played stood up well against the older material and irony of all ironies they play a track called Headphones, Hesketh protests that the song was not commissioned for this event, I can vouch for this as I have seen a video for this track last summer. All too soon the set is ended with a stirring version of “Remedy“.

Due to the crowd unleashing so many tweets, we get the reward of one more track without the aid of headphones. The track is called “Shake”

On “Every Night I Say A Prayer” Little Boots sings I have seen into the future, I want you to take me there. Well tonight in conjunction with @DeezerUK I too have seen into the future.

Set list:
Broken Record
Stuck On Repeat
New In town
Beat Beat
Headphones (at the disco)
Every Night I Say A Prayer
Shake (without headphones)
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