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Goodbye Girls

Goodbye Girls Aloud

10 years in pop is a long time, many bands do not last that long, or lose a member, or have a revolving door policy when it comes to members.  However GA have come through relatively unscathed in comparison and along the way have produced a number of pop gems; The Loving Kind, The Promise, The Show; Something Kinda O000h & my personal favourite Call The Shots.
So as the curtains draw on their career for the last time lets look at the current crop of pop girl groups who are aiming to fill  the pop void  that Girls Aloud have left.
 The Saturdays apart from one or two of their early offerings most of their songs feel like a Monday morning; Sugababes can you keep up with the myriad of line up changes they have had? No neither can I ; Atomic Kitten may be Whole Again but how long until the claws come out? 
There appears to be a dearth of good girl pop bands around; who knows in 10 years time Girls Aloud may re-group as Women Aloud and still knock spots of the competition around.
Girls Aloud have thrown down the gauntlet for the next crop of pop Girl groups, although not exactly Something  new, I await with bated breath for the new material from MSK (The Original & best Sugababes). Goodbye Girls Aloud, now enter MSK, a newly vacated pop throne is yours for the taking.

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