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Boys Don’t Cry

Diana Vickers – Music To Make The Boys Cry (Album)

Diana Vickers appeared in series 5 of X Factor and has appeared on two number 1 records and saw her debut album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree reach Number 1 in 2010. Three years on from that and on a new record label, Vickers releases her sophomore album, Music To Make The Boys Cry. The omens for this album do not look good as the lead off single Cinderella couldn’t’t make the top 40. So does Vickers have the tunes to Make The Boys Cry with euphoria or boredom?

3 years is a long time in pop, fellow X factor finalists and finalists from other shows have been more productive than Vickers; JLS & Olly Murs have both released 3 albums, One Direction will be releasing their third album soon and Ellie Goulding, who co wrote Remake Me + You on Vickers’s debut, has released 2.5 albums, no doubt with changing labels there would have been some behind the scenes wrangling going on which could have delayed the follow-up, but has the worth the wait?

Music To Make The Boys Cry, which is also the current single release, kicks off the album nicely followed by Cinderella which had the potential to be big limped into the chart at No.55, its chorus gets better with each listen maybe a remix from one of today’s hot DJ’s could have propelled this single to greater heights. After this the album dips and picks up with the track Boy In Paris. I imagine if Debbie Gibson was still making hit records they would sound like Mad At Me. Then events take a turn southwards but pick up on the closing two songs Better in French and Blame Game. Has Vickers got an infatuation with France, as after Boy in Paris we get better in French, this a very Kylieesque number and hints at what could have been. Blame Game rounds off a pretty disappointing album.

Music To Make The Boys Cry has an impressive list of credits including Miranda Cooper, Jimmy Harry and  David Gamson on song writing and production duties, however, they cobbled a batch of electro-lite tracks which are neither one thing or the other, the record label should have been more courageous and got some tougher mixes in place. I predict a Top 50 placing and then a rapid fall, which is a shame because with this collection of songs Vickers should be hitting the heights that Ellie Goulding is currently reaching. The 3 year wait between albums is in my opinion too long for an artist like Vickers. For it to be Music To Make Boys Cry, boys would have to listen to it first and I am afraid to say that few will.

VereVeiw Star Rating VV/5

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