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Muted ARTPOP Applause

Lady Gaga – Artpop (Album)

We have had the title for nearly a year, we have also had the following; An I-Tunes performance consisting solely of tracks from “Artpop,” a pop emergency, a drip feed of promotional singles, the underwhelming comeback single, X Factor performance, Graham Norton show and finally artRave now the album “Artpop” has landed but does it deserve your “Applause” or should it be banished to “Venus”

Gaga enlists some of the cream of EDM to collaborate with on “Artpop” ;Hugo Leclercq (Madeon), Anton Zaslavski (Zedd), Dino Zisis, Infected Mushroom, Paul Blair (DJ White Shadow)along with a twist of R&B and Hip Hop; R Kelly, T.I., Too Short, Twista along with long time collaborator Redone, but has Gaga forsaken melody and tunes for beats? Here is a track by track take on “Artpop”

Aura -take away the crashing beats and then we have a passable song, however, this track is easily forgettable

Venus- electro throbber, before we get to the chorus of take me to your planet leader, take me to your leader; take me to your venus, however, this track takes too long to reach any kind of melody.

G.U.Y (Girl Under You), probably would have served better as the lead off single, less gimmicky than other tracks, this is a mid tempo grower and one of the tracks that has an actual melody

Sexxx DREAMS – one of the tracks played at I-Tunes festival which appeared to have hit potential, with a tasty bass line to boot!

Jewels N’ Drugs (feat T.I. Too $hort) Gaga ventures into electro Hip Hop, this track is a hip hopping mess, this track may be better received in the states.

MANICURE, opens with a football style chant along, which continues throughout the song which sounds like a second rate “Hollaback Girl

Do What U Want feat R Kelly – an usual hook up, but it works. It is a shame that this wasnt the lead off single as this track has everything that’s missing from most of “Artpop” – a track with melody and sing-along potential plus a gritty/aggressive vocal from Gaga and an impressive turn from R Kelly. This is Gaga’s I Will Survive moment!

Artpop evokes Debbie Harry – Artpop could mean anything sums up the album!!

Swine – industrial Hi-NRG, lacking a real tune

Donatella -Gaga taking the rise out of herself at the beginning of the track and a good way 0f getting free dresses for life or having a track used on the runway of fashion shows, however, it is not the greatest tune to be remembered by!!

Fashion! Following the fashion theme with “Fashion” A cross between “Lets Dance“, “Fashion” and a myriad of early Madonna tracks a lovely piano intro- all of the aforementioned ingredients make it one of the better tracks on “Artpop”

Mary Jane Holland at the end the sound of someone lighting up, this track is somewhere between Garbage and Lady Gaga

Dope (originally known as -I Wanna Be With You)-A lovely piano intro, this is one of the slower tracks on the album, without the EDM backing  which is a relief on the ears. It also  shows Gaga at her most vunerable

Gypsy – a stand out track but sounds like what David Guetta has done many times before

Applause -you either get applause at the beginning  or the end of a show and Gaga has chosen to add it on the end of “Artpop”.  Gaga comes over like a cross between Hazel O’Connor and David Bowie.

Mary Jane is a slang word commonly used for Marijuana and Holland is known for it its liberal cafes, so Lady Gaga titles a track Mary Jane Holland and then follows this with a track called Dope, go figure

“Artpop” is high on beats and energy but is low on killer tracks. After seeing Lady Gaga’s I-Tunes show VeReViews was convinced that Artpop was going to be an Artflop, whilst not the flop it could have been as the little monsters will lap it up and profess it to be her best album yet!  VeReViews reckons her best album is ahead of her, no doubt there will be a number of singles lifted from “Artpop” in the new year and possibly an Artpop Tour.

As Lady Gaga sings My Artpop could mean anything, however for VeReViews it means a just above average album.

VeReViews Star Rating VVV/5

VeReView Applause

Avicii Takes Dance Music to New Levels

Avicii – True (Album)

Avicii aka Tim Bergling or Tim Berg or Tom Hangs releases his first full length album; True. Like many DJ’s who make albums Avicii enlists a number of collaborators on True, however, he doesn’t’t take the David Guetta or Calvin Harris route of making an album, most of the artists on True are not what you would call household names save for Nile Rodgers, Adam Lambert and possibly Aloe (I Need A Dollar) Blacc, with this in mind has Avicii made a True classic or a True Mess?

The album starts off with the worldwide hit Wake Me Up featuring Aloe Blacc, this track set up the album nicely as Wake Me Up is not a straightforward dance track but a hybrid of Soul, folk, country and EDM; an almighty mix but Avicii and Aloe Blacc succeed in making a truly original dance track.

Addicted To You featuring Mac Davis & Audra Mae is a full on big diva house number. Liar Liar starts off as a dreamy wistful Italo house number before a 60’s inspired chorus kick in with chant Liar Liar.

It seems that any dance artist worth their salt is collaborating with Nile Rodgers, Avicii does so twice on this album first on

Shame On Me – which has a driving beat similar to The Race by Yellow. Rodgers pops up again on the enjoyable Lay Me Down. Vocals on this track are handled by Adam Lambert, this is Lambert’s second hook up with Rodgers on the cruelly overlooked Shadey. Lay Me Down will no doubt hit the top of the charts when released as a single.

Avicii offers his version of Antony And The Johnsons Hope There’s Someone, featuring Linnea Henriksson;Avicii takes a mournful ode about finding someone in the afterlife and turns it into an arms raised aloft dance number.Whilst Linnea executes the vocals well. the song doesn’t quite work for me as it fails to convey the depth of emotions of the original version which is spine tingling, however, full credit must go to Avicii for bringing this song to a new audience

Avicii has made an ambitious album, he has taken dance music into a different direction, encompassing, folk, country, soul & EDM along the way. This is not your typical dance album which makes it an intriguing listen, whilst I wouldn’t’t say True was a classic, I wouldn’t’t call True a mess either but would say it is somewhere in between.

VereView Star Rating VVV/5

VereView You Make Me

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