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Annie & Richard X

Annie – A & R EP

Anyone brave enough to use @annieponannie as part of their twitter handler deserves closer attention. Annie is not the most prolific of artists since coming to prominence in 1999 with the single The Greatest Hit; she has only produced 2 albums; Anniemal (2004) & Don’t Stop (2009); judging by this pattern a new studio album may not be with us until 2014, so as to bridge the gap we have the A & R EP.

The lead track is the aptly titled Back Together as Annie has again teamed up with Richard X, who was responsible for chewing Gum and I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me. Back Together is an excellent composite of the best rave tunes of the 1990’s brought right up to date, it even comes with a funny chart show style video. If you thought the song sounds Little Bootsesque you would be spot on as Little Boots co-wrote this track; Annie + Richard X + Little Boots = pure pop perfection in my book.

Hold On is reminds me of a combination of Break 4 Love and Italo house. Annie’s seductive vocal urges us to Hold On as she is here to take the strain.

Ralph Macchio is a sweet song about the actor who placed the Karate Kid. Annie lets us into a secret that she has never told; Ralph Macchio was her Romeo. Never let me go Ralph Macchio – sings Annie over the backbeat of a Chicago house track, I half expected Paris Grey– to interject Good Life on this track!

Invisible- is slightly harder & darker than the previous 3 tracks. A pumping industrial opening gives way to a familiar house sound. This track would not be out-of-place on Disclosure’s album Settle.

Mixed Emotions is a track that grows on you with each listen, it could be a lament to lover & also a realisation to Annie that she wants more out of this relationship than her partner does.

For those of you old enough to remember, the A & R EP distills all the best parts of he Deep Heat collections, which came  out in the late 80’s- and early 90’s, into 5 pop dance nuggets that will keep hs satisfied until her next studio album.

VereView Star Rating VVVV/5

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