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Late Night Boots

Little Boots – Nocturnes (Album)

If Little Boots is correct then deep house is the future if not then Little Boots are behind the times, because Little Boots have served up a veritable feast of commercial deep house and disco, together with a few songs which sound a tad dated but with a beefy remix could hit the dance floor if not the charts.

The gestation period of Nocturnes is close to two years as Shake appeared online in November 2011; Everyday I Say A Prayer, one of two collaborations with Andy Butler of Hercules And The Love Affair & probably the best track on the album, appearing online in February 2011.

Broken Record, the current single, is no such thing as it fizzles along nicely, Confusion is reminiscent of Sueno Latino, Beat Beat is a joyful romp of a song and on All For You; Andy Butler takes Little Boots down tempo to good effect.

It’s hard to see where another top 10 single will come from, not that Nocturnes is a batch of un-commercial songs, but they sound more suited to late night radio. As a friend of mine commented, if some of these tracks were given to a well known Australian chanteuse, then they would probably end up being number 1, that said, if their recording career stalls then Victoria Hesketh might want to consider writing songs for other artists a la Cathy Dennis.

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