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Texas Talking

Texas The Conversation- single

Let’s talk about Texas; can it really be over 7 years since they released their last single “Sleep”? Sadly it is, however, Texas are back with a brand new single and a familiar sound.

For “The Conversation”, taken from the forthcoming album of the same name, Texas have gone back to basics in musical terms, going back to what made them such radio favourites in the 1990’s, i.e they have gone back to go forwards. To top it off, Sharleen Spiteri is rocking the androgynous look to full effect.

Texas always seemed to specialize in having a good intro into their songs and on the “The Conversation” they do not disappoint. The slide guitar sound which was prominent on “I Don’t Want A Lover” is used here to give “The Conversation” a bluesy country feel, whilst keeping it’s pop sensibilities.

“The Conversation” does not out stay its welcome, clocking in at just under 3 minutes. I expect that we will be speaking about Texas again; after the album “The Conversation” is released on May 20th 2013
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