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Foxes Chases Her Youth

Foxes – Youth (Single)

Foxes has been making her way as a featured on other artists hits, but that’s all about to change, as Foxes strikes out on her own, with the might of Debenhams behind her, Foxes unleashes her Youth.

Foxes would seem to imply more than one, however Foxes consists of just one fox; born Louisa Allen – will her fans be known as Little Foxes?

Foxes has lent her vocal talents to diverse acts such as Fall Out Boy (Just One More Yesterday); Zedd (Clarity); Sub Focus (Until The End) and Rudimental (Right Here). In her own right Foxes released her Echo EP in November 2012 and Beauty Queen earlier this year, however, it is with her new single Youth that Foxes is set to strike.

To categorise Youth as just pop does Foxes a disservice, however, Youth is a slice of radio friendly music of undoubtable quality which also lends itself well to be being remixed; mournful lyrics -“Don’t tell me our Youth is running out – Its only just begun” and a trance-lite backing gives way to tribal drums with Foxes vocal holding the whole thing together, musically somewhere between Kate Bush, Florence Welch and Ellie Goulding.

“They didn’t want me when I was running wild” Foxes sings on the opening lines on Youth, however, on the strength of this single everyone will be chasing after Foxes’s Youth.

VereView Star Rating VVVV/5

VereView Youth


Annie & Richard X

Annie – A & R EP

Anyone brave enough to use @annieponannie as part of their twitter handler deserves closer attention. Annie is not the most prolific of artists since coming to prominence in 1999 with the single The Greatest Hit; she has only produced 2 albums; Anniemal (2004) & Don’t Stop (2009); judging by this pattern a new studio album may not be with us until 2014, so as to bridge the gap we have the A & R EP.

The lead track is the aptly titled Back Together as Annie has again teamed up with Richard X, who was responsible for chewing Gum and I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me. Back Together is an excellent composite of the best rave tunes of the 1990’s brought right up to date, it even comes with a funny chart show style video. If you thought the song sounds Little Bootsesque you would be spot on as Little Boots co-wrote this track; Annie + Richard X + Little Boots = pure pop perfection in my book.

Hold On is reminds me of a combination of Break 4 Love and Italo house. Annie’s seductive vocal urges us to Hold On as she is here to take the strain.

Ralph Macchio is a sweet song about the actor who placed the Karate Kid. Annie lets us into a secret that she has never told; Ralph Macchio was her Romeo. Never let me go Ralph Macchio – sings Annie over the backbeat of a Chicago house track, I half expected Paris Grey– to interject Good Life on this track!

Invisible- is slightly harder & darker than the previous 3 tracks. A pumping industrial opening gives way to a familiar house sound. This track would not be out-of-place on Disclosure’s album Settle.

Mixed Emotions is a track that grows on you with each listen, it could be a lament to lover & also a realisation to Annie that she wants more out of this relationship than her partner does.

For those of you old enough to remember, the A & R EP distills all the best parts of he Deep Heat collections, which came  out in the late 80’s- and early 90’s, into 5 pop dance nuggets that will keep hs satisfied until her next studio album.

VereView Star Rating VVVV/5

Not A Wasted Grammar Lesson

London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years (single)

London Grammar consists of Dot Major, Daniel Rothman and the Hannah Reid on vocals, fresh from their appearance on Settle the debut album by Disclosure, on the track Help Me Lose My Mind, and following on from the Metal & Dust EP, London Grammar release their new single Wasting My Young Years.

For those of you who have not heard of London Grammar before, I would describe their sound as a cocktail of Dido, with much more expressive vocals, with a splash of Judie Tzuke topped off with a measure of Florence Welch and then I am only halfway to describing their sound.

The radio version is both sparse and haunting in the verses and then we have the pulsating chorus, it lends itself well to being remixed. Wasting My Young Years is like a rave and chill out in one record, as it starts rather chilled with Reid’s vocals gliding in then builds and builds (in the way old Faithless records used to) and then you get the pulsating Baby We Are refrain and then another come down and then it builds again.

Reid’s vocals on this track are faultless, they demand that you take the journey of this song with her and right at the end when Reid sings don’t leave me hanging on, you just hope that they wont leave you hanging on for more quality songs like this.

Making records like this London Grammar are definitely not wasting their young years

VereVeiw Rating VVVV/5

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