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20/20 Experience Part 2of 2 …Not A Bad Thing

Justin Timberlake – 20/20 Expereince Part 2 of 2 (album)

3 singles and 6 months after the 20/20 Experience we get Justin Timberlake’s follow up Experience part 2 of 2; now anyone thinking that after taking nearly seven years away from the music scene Timberlake would only manage to gather enough material for one album think again, with most of the song writing and production credit’s virtually the same as Part1, one can only assume these are the tracks that didn’t make the final cut for Part1.

With the lead off single Take Back The Night taking a disco direction, with luscious horns, one could be forgiven for thinking that 2of 2 would take a different direction then the second single TKO was premiered, which sounded like an Aaliyah off cut leaving VeReViews with a feeling that 2 of 2 would be more of the same, Timbaland’s trademarked kitchen sink production and heavy beats with Timberlake’s Jackson aping vocals.

Part 2 of 2 weighs in at a mighty 75 minutes with 1 track – True Blood coming in at 9 minutes and 31 seconds, this track could have done with being edited down, it morphs into a sub Thriller like track but to be honest it doesn’t’ cut the mustard, this song is for hardcore fans only.

Highlights on Part 2 are Take Back The Night on which Justin does disco; Drink You Away is this the closest we have come to a commercial country track from Justin? Amnesia and Not A Bad Thing and finally the hidden track the delightful and Timbaland free Pair Of Wings

Now Timberlake and Timbaland do not scrimp on the amount of songs and minutes they give you on both experiences but sometimes less is more

VeReView Star Rating VVV/5

HearView Not A Bad Thing (Audio Only)

So Hold Your Tongue & Hear Zedd Out

Zedd Feat Hayley Williams from Paramore – Stay The Night (Single)
Anton Zaslavski, known to EDM fans as Zedd has re-released his debut album Clarity with bonus tracks and Stay The Night featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore is the lead off single.

Now I am a sucker for artists who record material outside the confines from the music that their bands release, think Noel Gallagher and The Chemical Brothers, Chris Cornell’s Scream with Timbaland and the upcoming Linkin Park album, Recharged. The artist that has genre hopped on this single is Hayley Williams from Paramore, Lest not forget that Hayley sang on B.O.B’s international hit Airplanes, but does Stay The Night outlive its welcome?

Stay The Night starts off with just Hayley singing with a backed by piano, simple but effective, before launching into a big chorus, this structure follows throughout the song, with Hayley’s vocals being well suited to the EDM genre.

Zedd hasn’t done anything new but what he has done, he has done well. This track may propel Zedd into EDM big league as Stay The Night does not outstay its welcome and will probably pave the way for a bigger uptake on Clarity

VereView Star Rating VVV/5

VeReView Stay The Night

Timberlake’s Tunnel

We have had the comeback single which divided his fans, Suit & Tie, we had the the big Number1 single, Mirrors, which more or less united the fans and now we have the third single, Tunnel Vision, which will titillate the fans or at least the video will.

Tunnel Vision, whilst not a bad track itself, leaves me with a feeling of haven’t we heard this all before but done better with Aaliyah and is Justin Timberlake hoping that a little controversy will sell the third single from The 20/20 Experience? That being said,Timberlakes video is not as crude as Robin Thicke‘s unrated Blurred Lines video.

The production is everything you would expect from anything associated with Timbaland, however, I can’t help feeling that Justin’s vocals should be higher in the mix and how many times can Timbaland yelp freaky freaky freaky girl before it becomes passe?

Tunnel Vision will serve to keep the sales of The 20/20 Experience ticking over and help to promote the upcoming festivals that Justin will be playing.

VereView Star Rating VVV/5

VereView Tunnel Vision



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