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The Wait Is Over

London Grammar -If You Wait (Album)

London Grammar are, multi instrumentalist Dot Major; Dan Rothman on guitar & the impressive Hannah Reid on vocals; they have been steadily gaining fans and momentum. Musically wise London Grammar are like nothing in today’s chart which makes them unique, their sound is part Faithless, part chill out/ambient with Reid’s vocals sometimes veering on folk.

A brief recap of London Grammar’s single and EP release history; their first release was the Metal & Dust EP which can be viewed as an album sampler as it included Metal & Dust, Hey Now , Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me and a Dot Major remix of Hey Now. Their second release in June was the sublime Wasting My Young Years which reached No.31. London Grammar recently achieved their biggest hit single to date with Strong reaching No.17 on the official charts.

With a trio of Strong releases – London Grammar finally get around to releasing their debut album, however do they have anything left in reserve and was it worth the wait?

Major and Rothman’s arrangements allow Reid’s vocals to take centre stage. Reid’s vocals are a cross between Florence Welch and Judie Tzuke. Reid could sing a shopping list and she would inject more emotion and expression than most of the singers currently in the charts.

What of the rest of the album, VereViews reckons that both Sights and Flickers would make a good choice for future single releases, both have a little more gusto than Strong. With their growing exposure I would not bet against Metal & Dust and Wasting my Young Years being given a re-release. Check out the Deluxe version of this album for the Disclosure collaboration Help Me Lose My Mind.

If You Wait is a strong debut which is both euphoric and haunting in equal measure. The wait was worthwhile.

VereView Star Rating VVVV/5

VereView Wasting My Young Years

Not A Wasted Grammar Lesson

London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years (single)

London Grammar consists of Dot Major, Daniel Rothman and the Hannah Reid on vocals, fresh from their appearance on Settle the debut album by Disclosure, on the track Help Me Lose My Mind, and following on from the Metal & Dust EP, London Grammar release their new single Wasting My Young Years.

For those of you who have not heard of London Grammar before, I would describe their sound as a cocktail of Dido, with much more expressive vocals, with a splash of Judie Tzuke topped off with a measure of Florence Welch and then I am only halfway to describing their sound.

The radio version is both sparse and haunting in the verses and then we have the pulsating chorus, it lends itself well to being remixed. Wasting My Young Years is like a rave and chill out in one record, as it starts rather chilled with Reid’s vocals gliding in then builds and builds (in the way old Faithless records used to) and then you get the pulsating Baby We Are refrain and then another come down and then it builds again.

Reid’s vocals on this track are faultless, they demand that you take the journey of this song with her and right at the end when Reid sings don’t leave me hanging on, you just hope that they wont leave you hanging on for more quality songs like this.

Making records like this London Grammar are definitely not wasting their young years

VereVeiw Rating VVVV/5

House Disclosure

Discloure – Settle (Album)

Disclosure consists of the Lawrence Brothers, Howard & Guy, on their debut album Settle the vocals are handled by a number of artists some of whom are just coming to the publics attention such as Sam Smith, Jessie Ware & London Grammar.

2013 so far has been a good one for Dance Acts, with Daft Punk & Rudimental scoring both big hit singles and albums. Can Disclosure follow suit with their debut album Settle?

Settle opens up with a vocal that quite frankly it could do without, then we get exposed to the freshest UK garage and Deep House tunes that you will hear this year. Latch which features Sam Smith who croons “Got you shackled in my embrace. I’m latching onto you.” This song will Latch into your brain and wont let you go, as it did on charts spending 29 weeks in the Official Charts.

F For You is a deceptive track with its repetitive vocal lines, “Because I played the fool for you” and “I have been infected“, these lines latch into your brain as they are driven by a stylistic deep house vibe which sounds like it was aimed at late night dance floors & repetition certainly works with this track

White Noise ft. AlunaGeorge does itself a disservice as there is more than just white noise to this record, an infectious girly vocal over a throbbing techno beat

Settle does have the occasional misfire and the tendency to use what sounds like cut and paste vocals at times does jar a little especially on Grab Her, however the closing 4 tracks on this album surely makes up for that.

You & Me Featuring Eliza Doolittle On paper it seems like an unlikely pairing but it works a treat . January – Featuring Jamie Woon; this song does not evoke January but rather June, July or August but I presume that would have been predictable another deep house number Jamie Woon sings I will suspend your disbelief and he certainly does.

Confess To Me – featuring Jessie Ware – a stand out track on the album with Ware’s vocals lifting this garage track to higher levels. The album closes with Help Me Lose My Mind – feat London Grammar; this is the most mellow track on the album and after nearly an hour of House and Garage comes as light relief.

This is a straight to the dance floor album and for when you are getting ready to go out for a Friday or Saturday rave. Settle already houses 3 top 20 hits, with the possibility of more to come.

VereView StarRating VVVV/5
VereView White Noise

Disclosure – White Noise ft. AlunaGeorge (Official Video)

Disclosure – Latch feat. Sam Smith (Official Video)

(Boxed) Little Boots

Little Boots Live & Boxed in conjunction with @DeezerUK
Red Gallery; London 18th April 2013

Have you heard of a silent disco, well up until tonight it was an alien concept to me. On arrival to the car park at the Red Gallery, after I navigated their Laissez-faire entry system, I was given a set of headphones. The concept is that you listen to the performance on said headphones and boogie until your hearts content. It was strange seeing an artist perform inside a box in a car park , this is what essentially Little Boots does tonight.

After success with their debut album “Hands” Little Boots, primarily Victoria Hesketh, is back with a new album, “Nocturnes” ready for release.

Little Boots served up a palatable mix of Electro, House & Disco. Although I wouldn’t consider this a full album launch, this performance was staged in conjunction with DeezerUK, the set consisted of a mixture of tracks from both “Hands” & “Nocturnes. “

Little Boots opened with “Motorway” which sounds very similar to Saint Etienne, they followed this with their current single, “Broken Record” Then comes Boots’s tour de force “Stuck On Repeat” Judging by the swaying the crowd seems to like this song as much as I do.

The new tracks played stood up well against the older material and irony of all ironies they play a track called Headphones, Hesketh protests that the song was not commissioned for this event, I can vouch for this as I have seen a video for this track last summer. All too soon the set is ended with a stirring version of “Remedy“.

Due to the crowd unleashing so many tweets, we get the reward of one more track without the aid of headphones. The track is called “Shake”

On “Every Night I Say A Prayer” Little Boots sings I have seen into the future, I want you to take me there. Well tonight in conjunction with @DeezerUK I too have seen into the future.

Set list:
Broken Record
Stuck On Repeat
New In town
Beat Beat
Headphones (at the disco)
Every Night I Say A Prayer
Shake (without headphones)
Vere View Star Rating VVV/5
View Every Night I Say A Prayer

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