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Again & Again

Royksopp & Robyn – Do It Again (single)

Royksopp & Robyn have collaborative history on The Girl and the Robot from Royksopp’s 2009 album Junior and also on None of Dem from Robyn’s 2010 release Body Talk Pt1 they have again joined forces and have now recorded a mini album called (how aptly) Do It Again, which is also the title of the lead off single.

On first listen the lyrics to Do It Again may seem to be without depth but VeReViewS suggests that they contain deeper hidden meanings the first one is when you are at a club and the DJ plays a big tune and then it arrives, the anticipation is like MMM MMM MMM wait for it wait for the build up & the second one VeReViewS will leave that to your imagination!!

The inspiration behind Do It Again was apparently a night out together that Robyn & Royksopp had, it must have been a brilliant night as Do It Again is as close to pop perfection as one song can be, an ice cool electro/trance banger with more hooks and bounce than any one song should have

Both Royksopp & Robyn have found official chart action a little hard with their previous solo releases, here’s hoping that Do It Again takes them to the top of the summit

VeReVieW Star Rating VVVVV/5

VeReVieW the lyric video to Do It Again

Katy B Won’t B Still!

Katy B – Still(Single)

What do you do if you are predominantly known for dubstep and garage and have your biggest hit with the ballad, Cryin For No Reason, and have an album full of club bangers (Next Thing, Aaliyah)? You release more of the same and in the case of Katy B its no bad thing as the follow up is the sublime Still!

In a shrewd move by the record company, instead of hanging onto this track and release it at Christmas, it will hit the shelves prior to Katy’s festival appearances this summer. Still, is a slow burner of a song which will slowly captivate and win over new fans and may propell Katy B to the number 1 slot, it is also the kind of track that Leona Lewis would kill for and marvel at the lusciousness of Katy B’s hair in the video.

VeReView Star Rating VVVV/5

VeReView Still

Antony Unleashes His Angel

Angel On Fire – Antony & The Johnsons (Single)

Tucked away, the last track on the soundtrack to the Hunger Games:Catching Fire (Deluxe Edition) is a little gem by Antony & The Johnsons titled “Angel On Fire” According to Antony & The Johnsons News the song harks back to 1992 and the backing track for the song is partly comprised of a 4 track recording that Antony once used for club performances in New York City.

Antony transfixes the listener when he sings in his otherworldly voice, he emits emotion by the bucket-load without even trying. The strings are glorious and add to the haunting ethereal feel to this song.

Everything about “Angel On Fire” screams quality; the dramatic opening, the production, the glorious strings and the beguiling vocals. VeReViews has only heard one song this year that matches the emotional pull of “Angel On Fire” and that is Woodkid’s “I Love You”

It’s heartening to see Antony & The Johnsons music reaching a wider audience with Avicii covering “Hope There’s Someone” on his current album “True” and with the inclusion of “Angel On Fire” on the Hunger Games soundtrack.

VeReViews Star Rating VVVVV/5

HearView Angel On Fire (Audio only)

Holding On For Broken Bells

Holding On For Life – Broken Bells (Single)

Broken Bells are a super group consisting of vocalist & guitarist James Mercer from the group The Shins and Brian Burton (you may be more familiar with his stage name Danger Mouse ( half of the duo Gnarls Berkley with CeeLo Green or in demand producer who has twiddled thr knobs for Beck, Gorillaz, Norah Jones and is rumoured to be working on U2’s much anticipated album).

Holding On For Life is the lead off track from the forthcoming album titled After The Disco which is scheduled for the end of January 2014 which is the follow up to 2010 self titled album Broken Bells.

Holding On For Life is a mellow slice of psychedelic Americana with an addictive chorus sounding like a butched up Scissor Sisters track crossed with the Bee Gees. Burton’s production is crisp and Mercer’s falsetto is mesmerising.

VeReViewS Star Rating VVVV/5

VeReView the Pseudo Video for Holding On For Life

Broken Bells Present “After The Disco” Part 1: The Angel and The Fool

Freemasons vs Rubylux

The World Goes Quiet – Freemasons vs. Rubylux

The original version of The World Goes Quiet was released in May 2013 as Rubylux’s lead off single to their second album of the same name. Similar in what Timbaland did for OneRepublics’s Apologize (i.e. take a song from a different genre and totally transform the song) Freemasons have taken this track and turned it from an anthemic pop number to a big club banger.

Rubylux are a Brighton based 4 piece band, consisting of Lead singer and guitarist Rob Irving, keyboard player Adam Harris, Drummer Mike Hall and bassist Clark Coslett-Hughes famed for their cross country guerrilla style street gigs, so catch them before the council or police do!

A poignant song written by the band for a friend who was unable to cope with the excesses of fame, The Freemasons have kept most of the tune of the original however they have substituted the insistent bass line with a rave hook that draws you in

VeReView Star Rating VVVV/5

HearView The Freemasons version of The World Goes Quiet (audio only)

VeReView the Original version of The World Goes Quiet

The Rhythm Of Bastille

Bastille Of The Night (single)

Bastille have gone from being an alternative act to mainstream success with their debut album Bad Blood on both sides of the pond. After starting off with the No.2 single Pompeii; Bastille have not been able to place another single in the Top 10 of the official charts, therefore release a surprising new single taken from their forthcoming repackaged album All This Bad Blood.

Of The Night is a cover version mash up starting off with the chorus of Snap’s Rhythm Is A Dancer, blink before you realised what song it was and Dan Smith then effortlessly slips into Corona‘s 1994 hit The Rhythm Of The Night.

Bastille have done something quite clever, they have added depth to a big slice of Euro dance cheese, the video also gives the song extra gravitas. The group have slowed down the BPM this could also explain why they have omitted Rhythm from the title of the song.

So Bastille end up a quite successful year courting mainstream single success by taking something cheesy old and making it sound very fresh and new.

VeReView Star Rating VVV/5

VeReView Of The Night

So Hold Your Tongue & Hear Zedd Out

Zedd Feat Hayley Williams from Paramore – Stay The Night (Single)
Anton Zaslavski, known to EDM fans as Zedd has re-released his debut album Clarity with bonus tracks and Stay The Night featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore is the lead off single.

Now I am a sucker for artists who record material outside the confines from the music that their bands release, think Noel Gallagher and The Chemical Brothers, Chris Cornell’s Scream with Timbaland and the upcoming Linkin Park album, Recharged. The artist that has genre hopped on this single is Hayley Williams from Paramore, Lest not forget that Hayley sang on B.O.B’s international hit Airplanes, but does Stay The Night outlive its welcome?

Stay The Night starts off with just Hayley singing with a backed by piano, simple but effective, before launching into a big chorus, this structure follows throughout the song, with Hayley’s vocals being well suited to the EDM genre.

Zedd hasn’t done anything new but what he has done, he has done well. This track may propel Zedd into EDM big league as Stay The Night does not outstay its welcome and will probably pave the way for a bigger uptake on Clarity

VereView Star Rating VVV/5

VeReView Stay The Night

Foxes Chases Her Youth

Foxes – Youth (Single)

Foxes has been making her way as a featured on other artists hits, but that’s all about to change, as Foxes strikes out on her own, with the might of Debenhams behind her, Foxes unleashes her Youth.

Foxes would seem to imply more than one, however Foxes consists of just one fox; born Louisa Allen – will her fans be known as Little Foxes?

Foxes has lent her vocal talents to diverse acts such as Fall Out Boy (Just One More Yesterday); Zedd (Clarity); Sub Focus (Until The End) and Rudimental (Right Here). In her own right Foxes released her Echo EP in November 2012 and Beauty Queen earlier this year, however, it is with her new single Youth that Foxes is set to strike.

To categorise Youth as just pop does Foxes a disservice, however, Youth is a slice of radio friendly music of undoubtable quality which also lends itself well to be being remixed; mournful lyrics -“Don’t tell me our Youth is running out – Its only just begun” and a trance-lite backing gives way to tribal drums with Foxes vocal holding the whole thing together, musically somewhere between Kate Bush, Florence Welch and Ellie Goulding.

“They didn’t want me when I was running wild” Foxes sings on the opening lines on Youth, however, on the strength of this single everyone will be chasing after Foxes’s Youth.

VereView Star Rating VVVV/5

VereView Youth


How Long Will You Love This?

Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You (from the film About Time).

Fresh from her Number 1 success with Burn, Ellie moves away from the dance floor and presents a heartfelt ballad with such a tender vocal and pathos which tugs at the heartstrings.

How Long Will I Love You is one of the standout tracks on Ellie Goulding’s Halcyon Days re-issue. Goulding is no stranger to a cover version, in 2010 she reached No.2 with her version of Elton John’s Your Song. This time around she dusts down a relatively unknown Waterboys track and drenches it in sentimentality which isn’t a bad thing in my book.

Goulding, who is on a hot streak commercially, could well repeat the success of her cover version of Your Song instead of having the might of John Lewis’s advertising team behind her; this track is featured in Richard Curtis new romantic comedy About Time and is the Official single for BBC1 Children In Need 2013. I expect the general public will fall in love with this track will be played at weddings for years to come!

VereView Star Rating VVVV/5

VereView How Long Will I Love You

Lost In Dance Music

Lose Yourself To Dance – Daft Punk feat Pharrell & Nile Rodgers -single

The current  holy trinity of dance music return with the second best single from Random Access Memories.  If spring/early summer was all about Get Lucky, then late summer/autumn will be all about Lose Yourself To Dance!

Those expecting Get Lucky Part 2 are in for a pleasant surprise, as this time around they have  gone for a downtempo groove with obligatory handclaps. I  can visualise clubbers doing the bustop or the bump to. Below is an excellent, Soul Train video on Youtube which highlights my point.

























Nile Rodgers’s guitar work is funktastic; Pharrell highlights this with a number of “Guitar” ad libs. A joyous ode to just letting loose on the dancefloor, with the robots encouraging everyone to CMon CMon CMon, with the mega sales of Random Access Memories it is unlikely that Lose Yourself To Dance will have the same impact as Get Lucky but I for one intend to get lost in this dance music!

VereView Star Rating  VVVV/5

VereView Lose Yourself To Dance

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