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Young Will Hunting

Young Will Hunting

Funny Peculiar – Will Young (Book)

The first few chapters, of Funny Peculiar, tell us about William Robert Young’s schooldays and early life. To be quite frank, they are quite unremarkable, which is to say that there is little drama to report apart from the time Will got arrested for drunk driving. that said, we do learn from early on about the issues in will life, his self loathing; depression and his sexuality.

It is only once Will reaches 22 and the Pop Idol auditions do things start to get interesting. Reaching the final 10 and winning the show is executed in 6 pages. We learn that the track chosen for the eventual winner of Pop Idol Evergreen was difficult for both Will and Darius Danesh to sing and that the song was more suited to Gareth Gates’s voice.

Its no secret that Will Young & Simon Cowell did not see eye to eye. Whilst Will was selling millions of records & making loads of money for his record company; Will informs that he was snubbed by Simon Cowell, whilst both were appearing on Newsround . Will informs that he found Simon’s animosity towards him stressful. Will was eventually moved within BMG to RCA, thus ending his battles with Simon Cowell.

One has to applaud Will’s courage in being open about his sexuality from the onset of his career and not pretending to be heterosexual for the sake of record sales. Will informs that he was happy to risk everything to be true to himself and that he is proud of that decision.

Funny Peculiar may be light on showbiz stories, but when Will releases his vignettes the names don’t come any bigger than Anna Wintour, Julia Roberts, Annie Lennox and David Beckham.

Funny Peculiar comes across part like a self help book and part autobiography, this enhances its readability. Will talks about his , professional, battles with record companies and his personal battles with his self doubt, self loathing , his lack of confidence and depression.

Will also talks about being offered a mentors on The Voice, only for the offer to be retracted and given to the lead singer from The Script, this leads Will to breakdown in tears but once over this he treats it as a lesson learned and informs that he should never put his belief in external things, that is things beyond his control. Thanks for that lesson Will; I am going to use that mantra myself.

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