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Re-Ignite This Light

ReVEREnd & The MakersShine A Light (Single)

Shine A Light was originally released last year, however, made no impact on the official charts, however there is now a flicker of light, as this track has been chosen as the Official anthem of the FA Cup, could it be that this time around Shine A Light makes a better showing?

Shine A Light transports you back to the early Madchester baggy era (for those of us older to remember this era) with a luscious Happy Monday shuffle, you can almost visualise Bez twisting his melons man to this. We are also given a psychedelic breakdown with the Rev lamenting about spending his gas bill money on Thunderball; and just for good measure we are given a splice of Rolling Stones (think Sympathy For The Devil).

Shine A Light is easily their best most commercial offering since Heavyweight Champion Of The World. It stands on its own merits, but no doubt the exposure this track will now receive means that the time could be right to re-ignite this light.

VereView Star Rating VVVV/5
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