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Avicii Takes Dance Music to New Levels

Avicii – True (Album)

Avicii aka Tim Bergling or Tim Berg or Tom Hangs releases his first full length album; True. Like many DJ’s who make albums Avicii enlists a number of collaborators on True, however, he doesn’t’t take the David Guetta or Calvin Harris route of making an album, most of the artists on True are not what you would call household names save for Nile Rodgers, Adam Lambert and possibly Aloe (I Need A Dollar) Blacc, with this in mind has Avicii made a True classic or a True Mess?

The album starts off with the worldwide hit Wake Me Up featuring Aloe Blacc, this track set up the album nicely as Wake Me Up is not a straightforward dance track but a hybrid of Soul, folk, country and EDM; an almighty mix but Avicii and Aloe Blacc succeed in making a truly original dance track.

Addicted To You featuring Mac Davis & Audra Mae is a full on big diva house number. Liar Liar starts off as a dreamy wistful Italo house number before a 60’s inspired chorus kick in with chant Liar Liar.

It seems that any dance artist worth their salt is collaborating with Nile Rodgers, Avicii does so twice on this album first on

Shame On Me – which has a driving beat similar to The Race by Yellow. Rodgers pops up again on the enjoyable Lay Me Down. Vocals on this track are handled by Adam Lambert, this is Lambert’s second hook up with Rodgers on the cruelly overlooked Shadey. Lay Me Down will no doubt hit the top of the charts when released as a single.

Avicii offers his version of Antony And The Johnsons Hope There’s Someone, featuring Linnea Henriksson;Avicii takes a mournful ode about finding someone in the afterlife and turns it into an arms raised aloft dance number.Whilst Linnea executes the vocals well. the song doesn’t quite work for me as it fails to convey the depth of emotions of the original version which is spine tingling, however, full credit must go to Avicii for bringing this song to a new audience

Avicii has made an ambitious album, he has taken dance music into a different direction, encompassing, folk, country, soul & EDM along the way. This is not your typical dance album which makes it an intriguing listen, whilst I wouldn’t’t say True was a classic, I wouldn’t’t call True a mess either but would say it is somewhere in between.

VereView Star Rating VVV/5

VereView You Make Me

Lost In Dance Music

Lose Yourself To Dance – Daft Punk feat Pharrell & Nile Rodgers -single

The current  holy trinity of dance music return with the second best single from Random Access Memories.  If spring/early summer was all about Get Lucky, then late summer/autumn will be all about Lose Yourself To Dance!

Those expecting Get Lucky Part 2 are in for a pleasant surprise, as this time around they have  gone for a downtempo groove with obligatory handclaps. I  can visualise clubbers doing the bustop or the bump to. Below is an excellent, Soul Train video on Youtube which highlights my point.

























Nile Rodgers’s guitar work is funktastic; Pharrell highlights this with a number of “Guitar” ad libs. A joyous ode to just letting loose on the dancefloor, with the robots encouraging everyone to CMon CMon CMon, with the mega sales of Random Access Memories it is unlikely that Lose Yourself To Dance will have the same impact as Get Lucky but I for one intend to get lost in this dance music!

VereView Star Rating  VVVV/5

VereView Lose Yourself To Dance

A Worldwide Phenomenon

Jody Watley– Nightlife (Single)

The last time Jody Watley made the Official Charts was April 1998 when she reached number 51 with Off The Hook, there have been singles released stateside but none of them have been released in the UK, could this change with Nightlife?

A brief recap of Jody Watley’s career; between the years 1977 to 1983; Watley was a member of the group Shalamar who had hits with Friends, A Night To Remember, There it is and Friends. Watley released her debut solo album in 1987, her biggest hit in the UK was Looking For A New Love which reached No.13 in May 1987. In 1989 Watley reached No.21 with Friends, subsequent singles have been released but have made little inroads in the Official Charts.

Nightlife written by Watley together with Julien Aletti and Ralph Aletti, harks back to the feel good disco of her Shalamar days , its as if Watley has gone full circle as Nightlife features backing vocals from Gerald Brown (who was the vocalist in Shalamar before Howard Hewitt replaced him) and it also references waacking ( a street dance which came into prominence during the time that Shalamar were having their greatest successes).

Promoted rightly this could be Watley’s biggest hit in the UK as disco has come back to the forefront thanks to the recent successes of Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers, clubbers will be waacking from New York, London , Tokyo, Paris, Madrid and Shanghai. A worldwide phenomenon perhaps.

VereView Star Rating VVVV/5

Lyric video for Nightlife 

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