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Royksopp & Robyn – Do It Again EP/Mini Album

Royksopp & Robyn have joined forces again to produce an EP/Mini Album called “Do It Again” is this a monumental collaboration or a collaboration too far?

The Do It Again EP (mini album) is bookended by two pieces of melancholy both nigh on close to 10 minutes long , the final track “Inside The Idle Hour Club” is a dreamy , layered ambient instrumental. The opening track “Monument” is probably the most atmospheric/ sad song VeReVieWs has heard this year, on this brooding dark opener; Robyn sings “Make a cast of my body ………. this will be my monument when I’m gone” The gentle sax at the end of the adds warmth to a monumental track. Events take an upward turn musically on the mostly instrumental track “SayIt”

“SayIt” is a slice of Progressive House which contains very little by the way of vocals apart from a distorted mans voice akin to a robot which says I want you to which Robyn confidently replies I Want You Too; VeReViewS was not totally sold on this track until they witnessed the brilliantly bonkers video , talking and barking dogs , hissing snakes, stomping chickens and some gravity defying dancing by Robyn, shot in black and white, I defy you not to have the clip on repeat.

The most immediate song on this EP (mini album) is the title track “Do It Again” it is quite simply pop perfection, once you hear “Do It Again” the melody stays in your head.

“Do It Again” The song – is as joyful as this EP (mini album) gets as it is rounded off “Every Little Thing” another slow burner of a song and the previously mentioned “Inside the idle Hour Club”

Do it Again merges the talents of Royksopp & Robyn to good effect, it’s a collaboration which makes sense and not one thrown together for purely marketing reasons. The quality of the songs shine through, it’s a pity that they did not make a full blown album now that would be monumental!

VeReVieWs Rating: VVVV/5

VeReView SayIt

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