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80’s Electro Bones

Chvrches – The Bones Of What You Believe (album)

Pronounced Churches but styled as Chvrches are; Martin Doherty (Samplers, Synths & vocals); Iain Cook (Guitars, Bass, Synths & vocals) and on lead vocals & additional synths Lauren Mayberry have been releasing songs since May 2012 and building up a following with their extensive touring schedule; finally get around to releasing their debut album The Bones Of You What You Believe. Chvrches have distilled their 80’s influences ranging from Depeche Mode, Erasure, Human League, Prince, so is it an 80’s electro delight or 80’s electro disaster?

The album has been pre-ceded by the following tracks which have either been  free to download or released commercially; Lies – released May 2012; Recover – released February 2013; Gun – released July 2013 – which is their best-selling single to date reaching Number 55 on the official charts and The Mother We Share – released September 2013.

The Mother We Share opens precedings – a mid tempo piece which could be viewed as speaking out about a difficult relationship with a sibling or it could be about the struggles we all endure, with the mother we share being a metaphorical mother.

After the upbeat nature of We Sink and Gun, Chvrches follow with Tether, which is the darkest track musically so far , Lauren solemnly sings I feel incapable of seeing the end, I feel Incapable of saying its over to minimal backing and then the synths kick in taking this track in a different direction and also giving the track a more optimistic feel. A track worth persevering for its glorious ending.

Under The Tide features lead vocals from Doherty, this adds another dimension to the album and is not too dissimilar from early Human League tracks. Lungs effortlessly ventures into dub step without sounding like Chvrches are jumping onto a bandwagon, VereView’s reckons that you can expect to hear an Ellie Goulding cover of this track in the near future.

The Bones Of What You Believe appears to have overwhelming themes of control and being kept against their wishes – On Tether , Lauren Sings “In a place where we don’t have a prayer, there’s a tether that’s keeping me there.” and on By The Throat Lauren sings “- If I could catch you and cut your ties, I would leave you, every time

The Bones Of What You Believe is an encouraging debut and gives each of the members of the group space to showcase their skills. There are one or two misfires but overall there is much to commend, what could have been an 80’s parodying disaster is a genuine 80’s delight.

VereView Star Rating VVV/5

VereView The Mother We Share

Thicke Blurred Lines

Robin Thicke at the DNC convention on August 2...

Robin Thicke at the DNC convention on August 29, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robin Thicke feat T.I & Pharrell – Blurred Lines

What do you get if you splice Marvin Gaye‘s Got To Give It Up & Madonna’s Give It To Me, with a dash of saucy lyrics throw in a rapper (T.I) & one of the men of the moment Pharrell Williams; plus a little controversy (the unrated video) you end up with Blurred Lines which is shaping up to be Thicke’s biggest ever UK hit.

Robin Thicke is no overnight sensation, think of him as Justin Timberlake but without commercial success, apart from his 2007 hit Lost Without U, however Blurred Lines, taken from the forthcoming album of the same name is about to change this.

Blurred Lines is a record that will get any party groovin  for sure, with an infectious yelp, a Prince like falsetto and a heavy bass.  Is there an act this year that Pharrell wont gatecrash?


VereView Star Rating VVVV/5

VereView Blurred Lines-  go on line for unrated version

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