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The Rhythm Of Bastille

Bastille Of The Night (single)

Bastille have gone from being an alternative act to mainstream success with their debut album Bad Blood on both sides of the pond. After starting off with the No.2 single Pompeii; Bastille have not been able to place another single in the Top 10 of the official charts, therefore release a surprising new single taken from their forthcoming repackaged album All This Bad Blood.

Of The Night is a cover version mash up starting off with the chorus of Snap’s Rhythm Is A Dancer, blink before you realised what song it was and Dan Smith then effortlessly slips into Corona‘s 1994 hit The Rhythm Of The Night.

Bastille have done something quite clever, they have added depth to a big slice of Euro dance cheese, the video also gives the song extra gravitas. The group have slowed down the BPM this could also explain why they have omitted Rhythm from the title of the song.

So Bastille end up a quite successful year courting mainstream single success by taking something cheesy old and making it sound very fresh and new.

VeReView Star Rating VVV/5

VeReView Of The Night

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