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The Wait Is Over

London Grammar -If You Wait (Album)

London Grammar are, multi instrumentalist Dot Major; Dan Rothman on guitar & the impressive Hannah Reid on vocals; they have been steadily gaining fans and momentum. Musically wise London Grammar are like nothing in today’s chart which makes them unique, their sound is part Faithless, part chill out/ambient with Reid’s vocals sometimes veering on folk.

A brief recap of London Grammar’s single and EP release history; their first release was the Metal & Dust EP which can be viewed as an album sampler as it included Metal & Dust, Hey Now , Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me and a Dot Major remix of Hey Now. Their second release in June was the sublime Wasting My Young Years which reached No.31. London Grammar recently achieved their biggest hit single to date with Strong reaching No.17 on the official charts.

With a trio of Strong releases – London Grammar finally get around to releasing their debut album, however do they have anything left in reserve and was it worth the wait?

Major and Rothman’s arrangements allow Reid’s vocals to take centre stage. Reid’s vocals are a cross between Florence Welch and Judie Tzuke. Reid could sing a shopping list and she would inject more emotion and expression than most of the singers currently in the charts.

What of the rest of the album, VereViews reckons that both Sights and Flickers would make a good choice for future single releases, both have a little more gusto than Strong. With their growing exposure I would not bet against Metal & Dust and Wasting my Young Years being given a re-release. Check out the Deluxe version of this album for the Disclosure collaboration Help Me Lose My Mind.

If You Wait is a strong debut which is both euphoric and haunting in equal measure. The wait was worthwhile.

VereView Star Rating VVVV/5

VereView Wasting My Young Years

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