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Cupid Deluxe – Blood Orange

Devonte Hynes (Dev Hynes) has released music under various guises; Test Icicles, Lightspeed Champion and more recently Blood Orange, however, you may be more familiar with his production duties as he has twiddled the knobs for Solange “Losing You” and MKS debut/comeback single “Flatline”. Now Blood Orange/Hynes unleases the follow up to 2011 “Coastal Grooves.”

“Cupid Deluxe” features a number of artists who are as left field as Hynes himself; Adam Bainbridge, Despot, David Longstreth, Caroline Polachek & Samantha Urbani.

Chamakay opens proceedings, its lush instrumentation sets the scene for the rest of the album. This slinky number gets embedded in your brain. The lyric “I’m nothing if not subtle..” suits this song to a tee. Hynes’s breathy vocal weaves around Caroline Polachek’s understated vocal throughout the track. The video features Hynes throwing some slinky shapes in Georgetown Guyana.

You’re Not Good Enough feat Sam Urbani sees Hynes getting his funk groove on & channelling some serious Prince vibes! If you listen very carefully then you just might pick up the similarities to Solanges’s “Losing You.”

On “Uncle Ace” we get funky spoken word, not quite rapping with liberal use of the saxophone courtesy of Jason Arce. “No Right Thing” is nu soul with an edge. “It Is What It is” what it is-is sublime! Hynes’s breathy vocals are so sensual that they could make a girl quiver.

Hynes takes an old Mansun track “I Can Only Disappoint U” and effortlessly turns it into “Always Let U Down.” Hynes ends the album with “Time Will Tell” which is basically It Is What It Is part 2.

Cupid Deluxe just oozes cool & quality, even though there is a retro vibe on this album it is to Hynes’s talent that he makes it sound fresh and exciting.

Blood Orange/Dev Hynes-a Prince for our current times! Cupid Deluxe may not have the marketing budget behind it like so many recently released underwhelming albums therefore may not chart highly, however, VeReViewS reckons that Cupid Deluxe will be a fixture on critics end of year charts as being one of the best albums of 2013

VeReViewS star rating VVVV/5
VeReView Chamakay

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