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Freemasons vs Rubylux

The World Goes Quiet – Freemasons vs. Rubylux

The original version of The World Goes Quiet was released in May 2013 as Rubylux’s lead off single to their second album of the same name. Similar in what Timbaland did for OneRepublics’s Apologize (i.e. take a song from a different genre and totally transform the song) Freemasons have taken this track and turned it from an anthemic pop number to a big club banger.

Rubylux are a Brighton based 4 piece band, consisting of Lead singer and guitarist Rob Irving, keyboard player Adam Harris, Drummer Mike Hall and bassist Clark Coslett-Hughes famed for their cross country guerrilla style street gigs, so catch them before the council or police do!

A poignant song written by the band for a friend who was unable to cope with the excesses of fame, The Freemasons have kept most of the tune of the original however they have substituted the insistent bass line with a rave hook that draws you in

VeReView Star Rating VVVV/5

HearView The Freemasons version of The World Goes Quiet (audio only)

VeReView the Original version of The World Goes Quiet

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