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Marcus Reeves– The Masquerade Macabre (Album)

The title indicates that this is not going to be an ordinary album; part show – think Cabaret & Phantom Of The Opera; part glam rock – think Marc Bolan and T.Rex & David Bowie, with a generous measure of torch songs and a soupcon of jazz.

The first half of the album sets the scene, it introduces the listener into Quicksilver’s world. On the opening track “Ghosts” Reeves spits out acerbic lyrics in the verses, then we get “Welcome To The Underworld” a track that could easily grace the soundtrack of Cabaret. Reeves is on playful mode and gets his groove on on the track “Masquerade”

Not only does Reeves pay vocal tributes to the artists who have influenced him, he also pays a photographic homage to David Bowie’s album “Pin Ups” on the cover of the single Smoke & Mirrors.

The last of the more show orientated songs “The Disappearing Man” really highlights the central themes of the album; lust, love and loss. Who hasn’t seen a relationship flounder by saying those three little words too early? “Gone” a track which wouldn’t sound out-of-place on the second half of Primal Scream‘s seminal album Screamadelica, revisits these themes.

“Mistaken Identity” Reeves channels his inner Marc Bolan & T. Rex, a song about loss and moving on, Reeves dryly sings “I Knew you wanted success but soon it was clear you wanted me less” On “Mad Bad World” Reeves successfully ventures into jazz.

The wistful “After Life” closes the album. A simple and effective piano led ballad. Reeves ponders “What comes after love and the poetry of pain? What comes after life, one chance to do it all again”

An album is usually a collection of songs, however, Reeves delivers a collection of vignettes, stories that capture, entice and move you with a myriad of musical styles.

What comes “After Life?” A chance to listen to Quicksilver-The Masquerade Macabre again and again.

VeReView Star Rating VVVV/5

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