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Linkin Park – RECHARGED (Album)

Linkin Park’s brand of Nu-Metal/Rap has suited well to the addition Urban Rap; the band are not averse to playing around and mixing up their back catalogue with Reanimation and Collision Course. This time around they have taken to remixing & recharging the majority of tracks on Living Things and have incorporated Dubstep, House and EDM into the mix, however, is this money for old rope or the sound for future frat parties?

RECHARGED is book ended with the new single; A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES; the first version is co-credited x Steve Akoi, with Mike rapping and Chester singing the verses this, melodic hybrid that gets better with each listen and closes with Rick Rubin’s Reboot which is not too dissimilar in style to heavily from Sympathy For Devil.

CASTLE OF GLASS (M.Shinoda Remix) has a hymn like quality about it, the muffled open vocals show me how to be whole again getting louder and louder and then Chester’s vocals emphasizes the hymn like feel. We get aural assault on the tracks LOST IN THE ECHO (KillSonik Remix) & VICTIMIZED (M.Shinoda Remix) although the tracks are high octane and full of energy it comes as light relief when they are over. We also get 2 versions of I’LL BE GONE- The Vice Remix feat Pusha T which starts off with a sweet vocal from Chester then a laid back rap from Pusha T followed by a fast flowing rap by Mike and the Schoolboy Remix which appears to be more house orientated.

BURN IT DOWN (Tom Swoon Remix) takes to the dance floor with gusto the track dispenses with most of the vocals, using the refrain “we are building it up” this is a remix to fill stadiums.

VeReViews is a great admirer of artists that venture into musical genres beyond the ones that they are famed for. Linkin Park purists may be divided on Recharged; claiming that the essence of the band has been remixed out of the tracks,VeReviews would counter argue that the foundations of the songs are all Linkin Park based with additional ingredients added by the remixes. VeReviews expects Recharged to be the sound of many frat house Christmas parties this year!

VeReView Star Rating VVV/5

VeReView Linkin Park x Steve Akoi –A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES


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