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Newman’s Wall Of Sound

John Newman – Tribute (Album)

With Plan B reverting back to hip hop; Ill Manors, there is a vacancy for a blue eyed soul boy, step forward John Newman. Tribute Fuses together northern soul, blues, gospel, break beat, house music, pop melodies, motown all given a 2013 sheen and added dance beats.

On the Tribute Tree on his website and also on the opening track Tribute Newman lists numerous acts which have inspired him from, acts as diverse as Queens of The Stone Age, The Supremes, Jackie Wilson, Solomon Burke, Otis Redding, Spencer Davis Group, New Order, Radiohead, MGMT and Rudimental to name a few and it is with Rudimental that we start as John Newman first came to prominence as the lead vocalist on Rudimental’s No.1hit Feel The Love and its follow up Not Giving In, however there are no Rudimental collaborations on Tribute.

Tribute includes Newman’s No.1 hit single Love Me Again and its follow up break up song Cheating. On Losing Sleep Newman’s delivery evokes Otis Redding. Try is another Northern Soul toe tapper with a dash of Italo House piano. I think a trick was missed by not putting Goodnight Goodbye last on the running order of this album. All I Need Is You feels like a distant relation of Primal Scream’s Movin On Up.

Newman’s big voice belies his young years, that’s not to say that Newman hasn’t lived, his documented brain tumour & brain surgery, his father walking out on him and two close friends dying in a car accident One minor criticism of Newman’s voice is that listening to one song it sounds supreme however stretched to nearly fifty minutes it takes on a fog hornish quality.

Newman and his producers (Mike Spencer, Steve Booker and Ant Whiting) stick to a newly acquired formula a new kind of “Wall Of Sound.” Using a close knit writing and production team means that Tribute has an even consistent feel throughout, which isn’t a bad thing but a Rudimental , conspicuous by their absence, injection would have given the album a different dimension.

Tribute is Newman’s way of thanking everyone who has inspired and helped, loved and supported him to this point in his life. Newman wont be Losing Sleep as his Tribute is set to dominate the charts and remember its all for you.

VeReView Star Rating VVVV/5

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