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Best Boy Grip – Locked In he Bathroom (Single)

Best Boy Grip are a five piece band hailing from Derry and Locked In The Bathroom, will form part of an EP which is due for release in September 2013.

To describe Locked In The Bathroom as just a piano led number would be doing it a disservice as this song has the lyrical depth of most songs used in any modern-day shows.

Whilst musically, Locked In The Bathroom is reminiscent of early Keane numbers and lyrically tells a story in the way that early Squeeze songs did.

Not only is Eoin O’Callaghan the lead singer, pianist, songwriter, video director and editor (obviously a man with many talents) he also possess the innate Celtic/Irish gift of story telling. On Locked In The Bathroom O’Callaghan is not just singing a song he is telling a story, he gives you an insight as to what’s going on inside the family house but he wont let you in if you knock on the door.

Locked In The Bathroom is an enjoyable introduction to Best Boy Grip, More information can be found at:

VereView Star Ratinhg VVV/5

VereView Locked In The Bathroom Live

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