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Home – Rudimental (Album)

Every so often dance music throws up a collective that has the appeal of the underground and the sales of the masses, think, Massive Attack, Basement Jaxx, Chase & Status et al. Dubstep (which really is drum & bass for the 2000’s) has now followed this trend, so step forward Rudimental.

We already know the singles, “Feel The Love“, “Not Giving Up” and “Waiting All Night“, but what else do Rudimental have to offer or are they just a one step or a dub step pony.

Home has a list of collaborators who mainly cover the vocal duties, however, it is when they collaborate with MNEK that they offer something different, together they serve up house on Baby & then they delve deeper into house on Spoons.

Home & Hide are what I call sleazy night tracks, they are both down tempo with sultry vocals. However, Rudimental are at their best when doing bombastic dubstep tracks, apart from the other singles, Powerless is the stand out track on the album.

Rudimental also collaborate with Foxes on Right Here, which is a dubstep by numbers track, but keep your eye on Foxes as I reckon she is a star in the making. The ubiquitous Emeli Sande pops up on 2 tracks; More Than Anything & Free which are rather pleasant and due to the commercial viability of Sande are probably destined to become singles.

Home is an adequate first album, housing two No.1 hits already. Rudimental hit No.1 with “Feel The love” and then No.14 with the follow up “Not Giving In” and once again reaching No.1 with “Waiting All Night” Should the pattern continue then I would suggest that they release one of the Emeli Sande tracks and then hit the No.1 again with “Powerless”

VereView Star Rating VVV/5

VereView Feel The Love


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