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Schemes Means Tears

English: Image shows Marcus Reeves

English: Image shows Marcus Reeves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marcus Reeves – Black Tears (Single)

Black Tears is the lead off single from Marcus Reeves’s forthcoming album “Quicksilver -The Masquerade Macabre.” With a title such as Black Tears, I was not expecting a happy go lucky song, but what I didn’t expect was for the song to draw me into Reeves’s narrative.

The intro, which to me is reminiscent in structure to the beginning of Madonna’s Like A Prayer, sets the scene for the remainder of the song; what follows is a bittersweet tale of twisted love; wanting and of course “Black Tears.”

Reeves paints a relationship where he is given nothing that cant be kept, so why does he want to continue the relationship?

Where other artists may have felt the need to unleash vocal acrobatics to this song, Reeves’s vocal delivery is restrained and understated and what I call other worldly, think Antony and Johnsons & Woodkid, you genuinely believe that Reeves has lived this song. Here’s hoping that those “Black Tears” turn into gold & platinum tears of record sales.

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Vere View Black Tears


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  1. Thanks for the lovely review – if you’d like to email me I can send you info on my next few releases? x Marcus

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