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Brand New SunLight?

Brand New Heavies ft N’Dea Davenport – Sunlight (single)

If I were to list all the vocalists that The Brand New Heavies (BNH) have used, I would not have enough room to write this review, all that you need to know is N’Dea Davenport is back on lead vocals.

Sunlight is the lead off single from the their forthcoming album; Forward (Due out May 6th ). Its everything you would come to expect from a BNH release with N’Dea’s silky smooth vocals over a competent acid jazz disco groove.

Whilst this song may have charted in the mid nineties (during their golden period) its hard to see this effort troubling today’s chart, not that this is a bad effort, but it is as if time has stood still for BNH. Maybe a nifty remix from a DJ de rigueur could see a new generation of fans shaking their thing to this on the dance floor.

View Sunlight

Vere View Star Rating VVV/5


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