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Brown Recycles Jackson

Chris Brown -Fine China Video & Song

How to approach Chris Brown’s music is a conundrum, do you comment on his past misdemeanours or do you just focus on the music. In his video for “Fine China” Chris Brown makes that decision for you .

Before the music begins we hear dialogue from a girl, who turns out to be Brown’s girlfriend saying “You don’t even know him“, to which her father says he knows enough. The Girlfriend walks out on her father into the waiting arms of Brown, who just happens to roll up in his car. We all know what happened to a famous girlfriend who went on a car ride with Brown. Will fiction mirror true life?

I cant help but think that this is Browns way of flipping the bird to his detractors. Now that the elephant is out of the room we can concentrate on just the music and the video.

What Brown delivers is an homage to Michael Jackson, both vocally and visually from the opening Ow & ho and even name checks Dangerous a number of times. The dance & fighting sequences could have been lifted from a number of Jackson video’s. That said, the song is good, probably the best song that  Jackson never recorded and the video, although portentous, is highly watchable.

Did the girl remain unscathed after a car ride with Brown. Here is a clue, in this video it is better to see Chris Brown beating his opponents rather than beating his girlfriend.

VView – Chris Brown – Fine China

VereVeiw Star Rating VVV/5


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