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Lidell Offers Funk

Jamie Lidell – Jamie Lidell

Uploading two of the most experimental tracks from the album to you tube; What A Shame & WhyYaWhy might seem risky to the uninitiated, however, Jamie Lidell has plenty in reserve, offering a retro sounding funk album but at the same time making it sound current.

After listening to this album, I had to check out Jamie Lidell’s heritage to see if he was related to Prince or Stevie Wonder, because if they had a lovechild (as implausible as it sounds) this is the album that child would make; step forward Jamie Lidell as this album evokes early Prince (think Controversy).On Blaming Something, close your eyes and you would swear that you are listening to Stevie Wonder.

You Naked is the most commercial track on the album, to see and hear an artist at the top of his craft seek out Jamie’s live performance at

If you are looking for a funk alternative to Timberlakes’s So/So Experience, you wont go far wrong by giving Jamie Lidell a try

VereView Star Rating VVV/5


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