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Widescreen Woodkid

The Golden Age – Woodkid

You may already be familiar with his videos for Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry and Drake featuring Rihanna, you may already be familiar with the song “Run Boy Run” which was featured in a number of commercials last year, but are you familiar with “The Golden Age” the first full length album by Woodkid? If not then give your ears an aural treat.

I can hear detractors saying isn’t this style over substance and that all the songs sound roughly the same. Yes there is plenty of style to this project, with the black and white videos and the lavishly put together limited booklet and yes there is plenty of substance to this album. Finally the songs do have a similar feel to them however that feel is lavish and quality.

Woodkid’s vocals are akin to Antony (from Antony & The Johnson) sometimes fragile, sometimes close to breaking and at other times defiant like on the epic “The Conquest Of Spaces”.

Strident tribal drums & the French horn appear throughout on the standout tracks such as; “Stabat Mater” “Ghost Lights” and “Iron.”.

Woodkid hits pay dirt on “I Love You.” Melancholy lyrics of unrequited love set to a strident melody is equally striking as it is heart achingly beautiful. “Is There anything I can do to get some attention from you” sings Woodkid, he has by making the most innovative album of the year.

Woodkid feels more like a movement than a band, you can feel yourself marching along to the music, which you feel was made for cinema, you can almost visualise it in widescreen.

I cannot help but  think that they missed a trick with the song running order, how appropriate it would have been to have the title track at the end of the album, with Woodkid singing The Golden Age is over as the album fades out!

VView: I Love You – Woodkid

VereVeiw Rating VVVV/5


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